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S. Brad Drew

Worshipful Bro. S. Brad Drew currently serves as Senior Deacon of Lexington Lodge No. 1 – the oldest Masonic Lodge in Kentucky. Bro. Brad is a Past Master of Latonia Lodge No. 746 in Covington, KY. He is a lifetime member of the Ohio Lodge of Research as well as William O. Ware Lodge of Research in Covington, KY where he also serves as Senior Warden. Bro. Brad is a Past District Deputy Grand Master, Past Grand Pursuivant, and will serve the Grand Lodge of Kentucky as Chairman of the Committee on Masonic Education for the 2021-2022 Masonic year.

Bro. Brad is an active member of various Appendant Bodies, most notably the Valley of Covington Scottish Rite Bodies, where he currently serves as Junior Warden for the Delta Lodge of Perfection. He is a member of the Masonic Society, Rubicon Masonic Society, and serves as a Board Director for the Masonic Library and Museum Association of the Covington Scottish Rite. He is actively involved with the Masonic Legacy Society, the Scottish Rite SMJ Master Craftsman Program, and various other self-led Masonic research and study groups and organizations. 

Bro. Brad is a lifelong learner and holds a master’s degree in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change. His Masonic interests lean towards the applied aspects of Freemasonry such as membership, leadership, development, and mentorship. He resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife, two sons, and two dogs.

Prepared Topics:

Selfishness: The Positive Impact on Modern Masonry – 30 Minutes 
In this presentation, participants will be challenged to think outside of the box. You will be encouraged to look within first, before considering the wants and needs of others, including those members of your own Lodge. Take the time to focus on your own version of Freemasonry, and it may just make Freemasonry for those around you even better!

Six Generations: One Freemasonry – 45 Minutes 
A commentary that considers cold, hard membership data like you’ve never seen before. Once you’re overwhelmed with charts, graphs, and numbers you’ll be introduced to the current, living six generations of men who make up our Fraternity today. This presentation will walk through our demographics, as men and Masons, and help each of us understand why and how we should work together to ensure a successful future. 

The Masonic Roller Coaster – 30 Minutes 
One of Bro. Brad’s first presentations – this topic looks at Masonic burnout. What does that even mean? How do you know if you are “burnt out?” What can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you? If you’re burnt out, what can you do to jump back in and be successful? These are just some of the questions covered during this presentation.

COVID-19: The Change Freemasonry Needed – 30 Minutes 
One of the newest articles and presentations by Bro. Brad, this presentation reviews current and past COVID-19 data while connecting the dots to U.S. Freemasons. We’ll review worst-case scenarios to really help create an emotional understanding of this virus, while also proving the point that much of what we know, as a nation is based on assumptions and not data. This presentation walks through how the virus has changed and will continue to change Freemasonry as we know it, while also discussing (in-depth) virtual meetings and education. As this is a living presentation, every discussion will have new material added.

“Build-A-Topic” – Varies Worshipful Bro. S. Brad Drew enjoys all things data, numbers, and membership. If your Lodge or group would like for him to research, create, and present a topic on your specific Lodge, Grand Lodge, or Jurisdiction, please let him know! This is not an unreasonable request!

Practicing the Art of our Mysteries – 90 minutes
In this ninety-minute presentation, I will help the group engage in a dialogue where we’ll explore the Masonic ritual in terms of personal experiences. Participants will consider questions like, “How do I express my free will without infringing on the free will of others?” or “How do the duties of the Tyler help me in my day-to-day life?“ This talk will give each Brother a simple, repeatable process consisting of silent introspection, written reflection, and verbal dialogue with others that they can use to make deep, personal connections to the Craft’s symbolism. This process will enable every Freemason to improve their understanding of self and their relationships with others.

Various other 20-30 minute topics on Masonic leadership, Mentoring, and Officer Training are available upon request.

Travel information: Worshipful Bro. Brad will travel anywhere, domestic or foreign. Travel engagements farther than 150 miles from the Cincinnati area will require all travel and lodging costs to be covered, at a minimum.


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