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Robert Joy


Robert Joy became a Free Mason in Perth Western Australia with a Scottish Lodge Robbie Burns 860 on 2nd October 1980. His Professional life has seen him living in UK, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, The USA, Costa Rica, and Panama. His work has been Senior Traffic Safety Officer, Counselor, Psychologist, Sales Manager, Professional Speaker with my his own company “Power Within”. Civil Marriage Celebrant, Minister of Religion, Due to his many travels the highest position within a Blue Lodge has been Junior Warden, he is a member of Trinity Lodge in Livingston Texas.

Prepared Topics:

Numerology within Freemasonry 20 Minutes (Questions will make the presentation longer)
How numbers form a part of Free Masonry and play a important part of the Craft. 

Travel Information: Prepared to travel any way and to any country, flights and hotel can be discussed and arranged.

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