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Joseph Martinez


Joe Martinez is a veteran of the United States Army and former Counterintelligence Special Agent. Joe is currently an executive and technologist for corporate and Government Legal practices in the Washington, D.C. area. Joe graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Master’s in Information Security from Western Governor’s University and is currently a Doctoral Candidate pursuing a PhD in Biblical Exposition. 

Bro. Joe is currently serving a second term as Worshipful Master of Manasseh Lodge No. 182, A.F. & A.M., of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Bro. Joe is again serving as the District Education Officer for the 4th Masonic District of the Grand Lodge of Virginia. He is also a member of the premier Esoteric Lodge in DC, Benjamin B. French Lodge No. 15, and a Mason in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Kansas and the UGLE. He is a member of the York Rite, the Allied Masonic Degrees, Knight Masons, YRSC, Operatives, and the SRICF. Bro. Joe enjoys focusing on and researching the Initiatic Experience, Rituals of Initiation, and the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations, as well as their synergies with Craft Masonry.

Prepared Topics

The Application of Esotericism in the Craft (a.k.a. – It’s ALL Esoteric) – 30 minutes
This presentation discusses what esotericism actually means, how the use of the term in the context of Freemasonry is grossly misused, and how most aspects of a Lodge Meeting, when properly understood, can be categorized as “esoteric” in nature, and is meant to give members a richer and more holistic worldview on Masonic ritual.

St. John the Evangelist and His Role in Freemasonry – 20-30 minutes
This presentation reviews the traditional and revised interpretations behind the symbolism of one of the two Patron Saints of Freemasonry – John the Evangelist

The Pillars of Initiation – 35-45 minutes
This presentation focuses on the use of Pillars throughout the ancient world, their meaning to various cultures, and their integration into modern Masonic ritual. 

The Quadrivium – Understand the Language of the Creator – 35-45 Minutes
This presentation discusses the history, usage, and deeper meanings of the Scientific Arts that comprise the Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, and Astronomy), how they relate to the Liberal Arts and Sciences of Classical Antiquity, and what they can teach us. We will explore what they are meant to teach us from a scientific standpoint, a worldly standpoint, and ultimately a Divine standpoint.

The Old Charges and Anderson’s Constitutions – 40-45 Minutes
This presentation provides a summary of documents comprising what we call the “Old Charges” and some of the symbolic aspects of Anderson’s Constitutions, specifically the timeline of the craft from the Creation of the World to the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge. It also discusses there meaning and “magic” found in these ancient documents.

Life, Death, and Rebirth: Common Threads in Ancient Initiatory Rites of Passage – 45 Minutes
This presentation discusses the use of Systems of Initiation from the time of the Sumerian Civilization through the rise of the Speculative Lodge, including the use of common practices, their purposes, and the flow of similarities in meaning from ancient times through the modern-day.

The Missing Details of Ecclesiastes – 30 Minutes 
This presentation summarizes the meaning behind the use of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Master Mason degree, as well as some missing elements which change the meaning of its usage in Symbolic Masonry. 

Symbolism of the High Priest Garments (Royal Arch Specific) – 30-40 Minutes 
This presentation defines the garb of the High Priest of Israel, the symbolism behind each part of his attire, and it’s meaning for Royal Arch Masonry.

Meaning and History of the Royal Arch Symbol – (Royal Arch Specific) – 35-45 Minutes 
This presentation discusses the meaning and symbolism behind the most predominant symbol in the Royal Arch system of degrees: The Triple Tau. The historicity and geometry of this symbol, it’s components, and a brief journey through symbolism, in general, will shed light on this common, yet oftentimes overlooked symbol in York Rite Freemasonry.

The Osirian Mythos and its Connections to Freemasonry – 45 Minutes
This presentation details known research on the life, death, and rebirth of the God-King Osiris, the mystical Trinity inherent to the Legend, and the allegories of the story itself.  It also displays some similarities or connections between this ancient myth and more contemporary Initiatic systems, most notably Craft Masonry.

Enoch – His Vaults and the Secrets Within – 45 minutes
This presentation delivers a comparative analysis on Enoch, from a religious, historiographical, symbolic, and allegorical perspective by detailing his references in canonical works of Scripture, works outside of religious sources, and 2000+ year old legends that detail why Enoch is a Masonic forefather and so important to modern Freemasonic ritual and mythos.

Timeline of the Degrees – from EA to RAM – (Royal Arch or KT Specific) – 45 Minutes
This presentation reviews the chronology used in the ritual and the Bible to piece together the historicity of events relayed in each “York Rite” degree, from the Entered Apprentice to the Royal Arch Mason (or Order of the Temple for KT usage)

Practicing the Art of our Mysteries – 90 Minutes
In this ninety-minute presentation, I will help the group engage in a dialogue where we’ll explore the Masonic ritual in terms of personal experiences. Participants will consider questions like, “How do I express my free will without infringing on the free will of others?” or “How do the duties of the Tyler help me in my day-to-day life?“ This talk will give each Brother a simple, repeatable process consisting of silent introspection, written reflection, and verbal dialogue with others that they can use to make deep, personal connections to the Craft’s symbolism. This process will enable every Freemason to improve their understanding of self and their relationships with others.

Travel Information: Joe is willing to travel globally provided transportation and lodging are provided. Virtual presentations are also available via Zoom, etc.

Website: Joe can be found as a guest on numerous blogs and Masonic Podcasts, authored numerous articles for The Fraternal Review, is one of the founders of Refracted Light, co-Host of Esotericon, and the newest member of The Masonic Roundtable.

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