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Jaime Paul Lamb


Jaime Paul Lamb is the author of MYTH, MAGICK & MASONRY: Occult Perspectives in Freemasonry (The Laudable Pursuit, 2018) and APPROACHING THE MIDDLE CHAMBER: The Seven Liberal Arts in Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition (The Laudable Pursuit, 2020) He is a member of Old Well-Saint John’s Lodge no. 6, F.&A.M., Norwalk, CT; a Charter member of Ascension Lodge no. 89, F.&A.M., Phoenix, AZ; a frater of the Arizona College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis; and is Past Master of Arizona Research Lodge no. 1 for the year 2016. Lamb has been writing and lecturing on Masonic and occult subjects since 2014. His work has been published in Knight Templar magazine, Royal Arch Mason magazine, Esoteric Mason magazine, S.C.R.L.’s Fraternal Review, the Journal of the Masonic Society, and many other online and print publications. Lamb has been a featured guest on Masonic and esoteric podcasts such as Whence Came You?,Masonic RoundtableOccult of PersonalityThoth-Hermes and is a co-founder of the Tria Prima podcast. 

Prepared Topics:

Myth, Magick and Masonry – 45 Minutes
Discusses the intersection of classical mythology, the Mystery Tradition, astrological symbolism and Freemasonry, as covered in Lamb’s first book.

Approaching the Middle Chamber – 45 Minutes
Discusses the Fellowcraft lecture, the seven liberal arts and sciences, and the Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple.

Freemasonry and the Tarot – 45 Minutes
Discusses the integral role Freemasons have played at every crucial juncture in the development of the Tarot.

The Mystery of Baphomet – 45 Minutes
Discusses the brazen, oracular head of the Knights Templar – was it part of a Saracenic entheogenic ritual or something even weirder?

Freemasonry and Ceremonial Magic – 45 Minutes
Discusses the integral relationship between Freemasonry and ceremonial magic.

Introduction to the Seven Liberal Arts – 45 Minutes 
Discussing the sequence and progression of the seven liberal arts, as well as the wages paid to those who undertake this curriculum.

The Trivium – 45 Minutes
Discusses the language arts and their correspondence to Wisdom, Strength and Beauty.

Freemasonry and Classical Mythology – 45 Minutes
Discusses the myriad mythological motifs present in the ritual and symbolism of Freemasonry.

The Vernal Equinox – 45 Minutes
Discusses the cultural and mythological importance of this important annual solar phase.

Introduction to the Corpus Hermeticum – 45 Minutes
Discusses the development of Hermetic wisdom literature in and around Alexandria, Egypt in the 1st-through-7th centuries.

Hermetic Qabalah – 45 Minutes
Discusses the gradual synthesis of hermetic and qabalistic thought into a sycretized system used to this day in several magical orders.

Freemasonry and Western Astrology – 45 Minutes
Discusses the presence of astrological symbolism in the Blue Lodge, the Royal Arch and the Societas Rosicriciana.

Astrological Tarot – 45 Minutes
Discusses a method by which Tarot and astrology may be melded into an efficacious analytical and predictive method.

Qabalistic Cosmology – 45 Minutes
Discusses the cosmogonical and cosmological implications of the Sepher Yetzirah and the Etz Chaim, or Tree of Life.

On Henosis and Liberation from Fate – 45 Minutes
Discusses Porphyry’s astrological method of contacting one’s personal Daemon in order to be liberated from the wheel of causality.

On the 72 Quinances – 45 Minutes
Discusses the seventy-two, 5-degree arc-segments of the ecliptic – each of which is astrologically associated with an angel or daemon.

Travel: Available to speak anywhere, providing his travel and lodging are covered. 


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