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Frank J. Bell


Frank is a graduate of Temple University (BS, International Business & Trade) He worked in the family construction firm until 1996 When he moved from New Jersey to Florida. He then opened his own consulting business and operated between Philadelphia. PA and Lighthouse Point, FL. He was duly entered, passed, and raised in St. Alban Lodge No. 529 meeting in Philadelphia (2000-2001) followed by his membership a number of years later in University Lodge No. 51, meeting in Philadelphia. He was elected Worshipful Master in 2011 (the Lodge Lodge winning the Grand Master’s award for its operations) and again in 2016. Bro. Bell completed the Academy of Masonic Knowledge program (Grand Lodge of PA) and was awarded the Masonic Scholar Award. Following this, he had a paper “True Believers: Freemasonry and the rise of Simon Bolivar published through Hibiscus Review of Freemasonry (FL) and the Piette-Stones Review of Freemasonry.Some shorter book reviews went to the then published “Working Tools” e-zine. Bro. Frank is also a member of the York Rite bodies (Howell Chapter in Chester, PA, and Mary Commandery No. 36 in Philadelphia) Founder and P.S of Ouroboros Chapter AMD and one time Royal Order of Scotland. Through his work with different lodges, mostly focusing on Lodge rejuvenation and retention, he was made an honorary member of St. Alban No. 35 MWPHGLoP and Logia Luz de America 255 GLoFL.

Prepared Topics:

Physician, Heal Thyself.: Setting up and executing a Goals-based Lodge – 60 Minutes
Drawing on his experiences from business, personal life, and his time as a Lodge Officer and Worshipful Master, Bro. Bell gives examples of setting an overall mission and then the establishment of steps to achieve those goals. Participants will be given ample time for questions and it is encouraged that the audience has real-life examples from their own Lodge/Jurisdiction with which to hold a discussion. *If there specific topics that the audience wishes to discuss, please make sure that they are emailed in advance.    

Los Libertadores: Freemasonry and it’s influence on the freedom fighters of Colonial-era South America –  60 Minutes
Discussion on the influence that Freemasonry had on the key actors in the liberation of South America citing, Francesco Miranda and Simon Bolivar more specifically. Questions and discussion can follow.

The Masonic Dialogues Examined: Gotthold Lessing, the German Enlightenment, and the “Masonic Play – 60 Minutes 
Discussion about Gotthold Lessing, a father of German Enlightenment, and his work “Ernst und Falk” or the Masonic Play. Questions and discussion can follow.

A Knight Templar Study Guide – 30 Minutes +
The degrees of Knights Templar have, potentially, the greatest opportunity for self-reflection, personal improvement, and creating a working relationship with man and his creator. Unfortunately, over the years it has put less and less emphasis on its message. An important part of the earlier, more introspective Templar would have been study. In this talk, we discuss the goals that we can reach as functional, productive members of the Order and what can help us get there.

Travel information: Flexible when it comes to the online Zoom meets. If you need visuals made up I will have to come up with a number. For in-person presentations, travel and lodging must be covered and with due notice.


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