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David Hill


David Hill, PsyD is the current Master of Parsons Lodge #222 in Austin, Texas. He is a member of the Scottish Rite in the Valley of Austin and the Order of the Thistle (Knights of St. Andrew). He serves in officer positions in the York Rite – Lone Star Chapter #6, Austin Council #2, and Colorado Commandery #4. He is a plural member at San Marcos Lodge #342 and Robert Burns Lodge #127. He is also a member of the Grand College of Rites and the Scottish Rite Research Society whose publications he thoroughly enjoys. Brother Hill is a licensed psychologist working in private practice in Austin. His focus of practice focuses upon trauma resolution, forensic evaluation, and psychedelic integration therapy. He primarily works with veterans at this point in his career. 

Prepared Topics:
The Psychology of Masonic Initiation – 60-90 minutes
An overview of the sensory and spiritual impact of Masonic initiation including models of spiritual attainment and considerations as to how the journey through the chairs can relate to psychospiritual development.

Continental Freemasonry in the 19th Century – 90 minutes +
An overview of European Masonic orders and their history including loosely associated esoteric orders such as: Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Rose Croix, Royal Arch, Orders of Memphis and Mizraim with Antient and Primitive Rite, Swedenborgian Rite, Cerneau Scottish Rite, and Martinism (Elu Cohen, CBCS, and modern Martinist Orders).

The Candidate’s Sensory Experience – 10-20 minutes 
Explore each of the senses as it relates to the initiatory experience of the candidate. Learn about a new sense that has direct relevance to the Master’s degree. This presentation is a portion of the Psychology of Masonic Initiation talk.

Travel information: David is willing to travel domestically (internationally in some cases) as long as airfare, hotel, and meals are covered.


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