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Darin A. Lahners


Darin is an Enterprise System Specialist with the Administrative Information Technology Services group supporting the University Offices of the University of Illinois System. He supports various Java Batch Applications for Human Resources, writes and supports PL/SQL reports for Payroll applications, and ensures the payroll process runs smoothly for the three campuses in the University of Illinois System. Masonically, he is a Past Master of St. Joseph Lodge No.970 in St. Joseph, Illinois, where he is currently secretary. He serves as Master for the 3rd time of Homer Lodge No. 199 (IL). He’s a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Danville, a charter member of the Illinois Royal Arch Chapter, Admiration Chapter No. 282, Salt Fork Shrine Club under the Ansar Shrine, Eastern Illinois AMD, Prairieland College SCRIF in Illinois. He is also a Fellow of the Illinois Lodge of Research. He received the Torok Award from the Illinois Lodge of Research in 2021. He also serves the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois as Area Education Officer for the Eastern Masonic Area. He is the Grand Orator for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois. He is a massive nerd, but his beautiful wife, Lisa, still loves him despite this.

Prepared Topics:

Harry Potter and Freemasonry – 45 Minutes
Exploring the symbols of the Harry Potter universe and how they relate to Freemasonry.

Memento Mori – 60 Minutes
How taking time to meditate helps reinforce the ultimate lesson of the 3rd degree.

The Secret Meaning of the Symbols of Scouting – 30 Minutes
How the Fleur De Lis used by scouting relates to symbols in Freemasonry.

An Esoteric Look at the Entered Apprentice Degree – 90 Minutes
Looks at the first degree as a whole and breaks out some the of esoteric meanings behind it.

Tracing the Royal Arch of Enoch – 45 Minutes
Darin traces the commonalities between the Royal Arch Degree in the York Rite to the 13th degree in the Scottish Rite from the Knight’s Templar excavation of the Temple Mound to the legends of the rumored resting place of the Ark of Covenant to the pop culture retellings of legend as depicted in National Treasure and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Travel Info: Travel expenses covered using airline and hotel brands selected by the presenter. $50 per diem per day to cover meals. 


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