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Bryan Godwin


Bryan Godwin is presiding Master and charter member of Anchor Bell Lodge #868. Bryan’s Masonic writing has been featured in the Scottish Rite Research Society’s “The Plumb-line”, The Masonic Society’s publication “The Journal”, multiple issues and a guest editor spot in the Southern California Research Society’s publication, “The Fraternal Review”, several Grand Lodge publications including the GL of Alaska, and the GL of California, “Crossed Keys” an English digital publication and more. His research on the “Copiale Cipher” and “Cleopatra’s Needle” has received attention from both Masonic and traditional historians. Bryan has presented on several Masonic educational topics in many lodges across southern and northern California, as well as New York. He was instrumental in contributing to the movement to revitalize Masonic Education in Los Angeles California. He is also an active member of, Los Angeles Scottish Rite Valley SMJ, Santa Monica Bay Chapter #97, Alpha Council of Cryptic Masons #39, Santa Monica Bay Commandery of Knights Templar #61. Bryan is the owner of Emmy award winning visual effects firm, shade Visual Effects (, was born in Brooklyn, NY and spends his time split between his home in Los Angeles, and hometown of New York City. He is married to the amazing Jennie and father to the incomparable Liberty Josephine.

Prepared Topics:
“The Copiale Manuscript” – 30-60 Minutes

“Cleopatra’s Needle, a link to ancient Masonry?” – 30-60 Minutes

“Microlodges and the future of Masonry” – 30-60 Minutes

“Esoteric thoughts on the first degree” – 30-60 Minutes

A deep dive on the Chamber of Reflection” – 30-60 Minutes

“Masonic Travel” – 30-60 Minutes

“Masonic Entropy and Etymology of Masonic Vocabulary” – 30-60 Minutes

“Disharmony in lodge, why its a feature, and not a bug.” – 30-60 Minutes

Travel information: Bryan will travel to the west coast and is generally happy to drive within a few hours of Los Angeles, and in the east coast if he happens to be in the area for work. If needing overnight stay, hotel accommodations appreciated and he is generally okay to pay for travel himself.


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