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Alex G. Powers


Alex G. Powers is an active fifth-generation Freemason under the Grand Lodge of Kansas. He is a Past Master, Past DDGM, Past ADGM and currently serving as Director of the Kansas Lodge of Research and various Grand Lodge committees. Masonic history sparked his deepest-lying interest, which has in many ways expanded his connection to the fraternity overall. Brother Powers is a recipient of the Master’s Achievement Award (2018) as well as the Grand Master’s Distinguished Service Medal (2021). He is a published author and the host of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast founded in 2016. He also regularly promotes, mentors, and lectures on various Masonic topics, including practical applications for Historical archival and digitization. 

Prepared Topics:

A Grand Scandal: The Case of Albert Sarbach – 60 Minutes 
The year is 1909, our Grand Treasurer is found dead in a prestigious hotel in downtown Kansas City, Missouri and the Grand Lodge bank account…Empty… It is ruled a suicide on sight and seems an open-and-shut case, right? Maybe not so much. In this presentation, we take a ride into a real-life case in our jurisdiction’s history that presents many unexpected twists and turns. This case has been somewhat intentionally shoved under the rug for over 100 years and now it is time to bring it back to light.

The REAL Origin Story of Kansas Freemasonry – 45 Minutes 
You have probably heard the famed history of Kansas Freemasonry that a mix of white settlers from Missouri and Wyandotte Indians living in what is now Kansas City, Kansas housed the first Masonic Lodge meeting in Kansas in 1854. You may also be familiar with the Seal of the Grand Lodge of Kansas depicting the white man hanging the implements of Masonry to the Indian. Sometimes you will find aspects of history that were painted in a light to keep face in what was considered the best interest of those involved, however, history itself does not keep face. History documents truth exactly how it was. In this presentation, we will examine these historical claims and compare the to historical facts.

The Vanderslice Files – 45 Minutes 
Born out of the article “A Pact to the Grave” published in the Kansas Mason Magazine back in 2020 which highlights a unique pact between the first Deputy Grand Master John Smith and the first Grand Junior Warden of the Kansas Grand Lodge Major Daniel D. Vanderslice. Here I dig deeper into his impactful story bringing to light a historic tale of pioneers, battlefields, and Brotherhood. We will explore the life and legacy of Major Daniel D. Vanderslice, including the birth of a new Grand Lodge in the tribal prairies of the Kansas Territory.

The Genealogy of Kansas Masonry – 40 Minutes 
Explores the lineage of Kansas Freemasonry Grand Lodge to Grand Lodge back to the beginning giving a glimpse of what it took to get Freemasonry here and the various jurisdictional influences that make us who we are today. 

The Symbolism of the Skull – 45 Minutes 
Is the skull Masonic? Many will emotionally argue “no” but the fact is the skull is a symbol that has been associated with Freemasonry since the very beginning. But the skull is also not strictly Masonic either. It has been used throughout the ages by the initiated and the profane alike in various different esoteric traditions, religious observances, and even everyday citizens. Love it or hate it, the skull has a powerful story to tell that will outlive us all. In this presentation, we explore the history and symbolism behind the iconic skull and the relation it holds to Freemasonry.

A Fading Legacy: The Importance of Preserving our History – 60 Minutes
In this presentation, I will lend you some professional and practical advice as we explore, in depth, the state of most lodge and even grand lodge archives today. We will discuss what steps you can take to battle the inevitable demise of our recorded history while preserving the data within for far beyond the physical existence of our books, photos, and artifacts.

The Lamp of Knowledge: The Importance of a Knowledge-Driven Masonic Experience – 45 Minutes
Why is it the door is guarded? Why all the checks and balances just to meet? Is your Masonic experience worth your LIFE? Here we will examine these questions and much more while looking at our ritual in a way that you may never have before in this eye-opening lecture.

The Letter G – 45 Minutes
In this lecture, we examine through historical context just what Masonry is and how it has been expressed throughout the ages.

What Are You Leading Exactly? – 30min
This talk is geared towards the leadership roles throughout the Craft ranging from local lodge leadership to Grand Lodge leadership. Here we explore the core fundamentals of servant-based Masonic leadership combined with the human struggle to control ones ego.

Travel Information: No limit on distance. Kindly request that travel-related expenses and lodging be covered. – “The Historical Light” Podcast