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Shamus Driver, Ph.D.


Shamus Driver, MBA, Ph.D. is a scientist by trade and a masonic educator by passion. Since being raised, he has given Masonic Education presentations around Indiana and in other states. Shamus has a background in scientific and active teaching, and his presentations tend towards being conversational, humorous, and engaging.

He is active in the York Rite, Scottish Rite, National Sojourners, Knights of St Andrew, Knight Masons, Allied Masonic Degrees, York Rite Sovereign College, and is a past Worshipful Master at Pentalpha #564 in Indianapolis, IN. He is also the sitting Junior Warden in Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research as well as serving on the Grand Lodge of Indiana Education Committee. Shamus is also a United States Navy veteran.

Prepared Topics:

Spilling the Beans on Pythagorean Cults – 30-45 Minutes
A presentation that journeys through the life of Pythagoras, his travels, his establishment of his own religion, and his eventual death.

Dogs, Cocks, and The Bone Box: An Exploration of Early Masonic Catechisms – 30-60 Minutes
This presentation shows the evolution of Masonic Catechisms from the earliest known manuscripts to the Preston-Webb ritual used by many lodges today. This presentation also includes discussion of parts of the catechisms that were removed and possible reasons why. 

I’ve got 47 Problems, But a Square Ain’t One – 20-45 minutes
This presentation covers the lives and works of both Euclid and Pythagoras as well as a discussion of the 3-4-5 triangle and ancient operative uses of the 47th Problem of Euclid. In done in person, a live demonstration of Ancient Egyptian building techniques is included. 

Kipling and Tubal Cain – 15-30 minutes
This presentation starts with a reading of the Kipling Poem “Jubal and Tubal Cain” and follows with a discussion of the Masonic life and work of Kipling and the importance of certain biblical figures in our ritual. 

The Five Orders of Architecture and My Fall Down the Staircase – 30 minutes
This is a very personal presentation that starts a recounting of my first year in Masonry and evolves into an instruction in the 5 orders of architecture. This is an excellent presentation for new Fellowcrafts.

Anti-Masonry: It’s Not a Party – 30-60 minutes
This presentation gives a history of the Anti-Masonry movement in various periods of American History. It can be shortened to a 30 minute presentation focusing on particular periods of American history, if desired. 

Wine, Women, and The King – 30-45 minutes
A discussion over the parable of the discussion that took place in the court of King Darius in the book of Esdras, a story familiar to many Masons of appendant bodies, and its origins and commentary about its inclusion in the York Rite Commandery Orders. This presentation is suitable for Knight Templars or Scottish Rite Masons. Please indicate which version you would like. 

A Point Within a Circle – 15-30 minutes
A discussion of the circumpunct and its usage in different religions, Mason teachings, and an examination of the geometric principles associated with this symbol.

Travel: Shamus is willing to travel anywhere in North American provided flights and hotel are covered. He is also willing to present online on a variety of different platforms. If presenting in person, passing the hat for a donation to one of his favorite Masonic charities is requested.

To book Shamus, contact him direct with the form below!