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Randy Sanders


Randy and his wife Elyana live near St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Randy earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and he works in telecom IT management. He volunteers as a professional and personal mentor, NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and enjoys competitive tactical pistol, rifle, and shotgun. He has 30 plus years teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and healing arts. Randy served as a Logistics Section Chief on two different United States federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.

Randy’s Masonic bio includes past Lodge Education Officer for two Symbolic Lodges, Founder of the Wentzville Lodge Book Club, Venerable (Past) Master of his AMD Council, Co-Librarian of the Scottish Rite Valley of St. Louis, Clerk for the Academy of Reflection through the Valley of Guthrie, and a Facilitator for the Masonic Legacy Society. Randy is a founding administrator for Refracted Light, full contributor to Midnight Freemasons, and an international presenter on esoteric topics. Randy hosts an ongoing weekly Masonic virtual Happy Hour on Friday evenings. Randy is an accomplished home chef, a certified barbecue judge, raises Great Pyrenees dogs, and enjoys travel and philosophy.

Prepared topics:

Lodge Anatomy for Masons – 30 Minutes
This presentation explores alternate ways of looking at the officer stations as parts of our mind. We explore Masonic symbology and describe how symbols should be viewed with different meanings.

Creating Sacred Spaces – 30 Minutes
This presentation gives consideration into the who, what, where, when, why, and how of sacred spaces. We explore what a sacred space means to you and begin to explore ways to create your own sacred spaces in and outside of the lodge.

Thinking About Freemasonry
– 40 Minutes
This presentation describes and then facilitates a guided Masonic meditation based on the guidelines of The Masonic Legacy Society. It is a good introduction into what we call The Great Work, and it is good for any Mason no matter their experience in contemplative practice.

Travel Information – Randy is willing to drive up to about 400 miles from St. Louis, willing to fly pretty much anywhere. He only asks for travel expenses reimbursement.

To book Randy, Contact him direct with the form below.