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Rabie Jarmakani


Brother Rabie Jarmakani is the immediate Past District Grand Master of Lebanon under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland and holds the rank of Hon. Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of Scotland. Brother Jarmakani, was initiated in April 1991 and is a member of various Lodges under the Scottish and English jurisdiction. He has worked extensively through many Masonic orders and is a 30 Knight of Kadosh under the Supreme Council 33 for England & Wales He is a descendent of the Druze lineage himself, a monotheistic Neoplatonic philosophy whose teachings have been considered secret. Brother Jarmakani is passionate about Masonic education and how the Craft is meant to impact man on his journey into the Self and its ultimate role in society.

Prepared Topics:

Are we initiating the initiate?OPEN TO EAs and above. – 60 Minutes
Examines the true purpose of the initiation ritual and understand the importance of achieving a real initiation of the candidate. The paper looks at who our candidates are today, what they seek, and what are the desired impacts/goals of a successful initiation. We will also be looking at the sciences behind the initiation ceremony and how sacred geometry proves the true initiate.

The two sides of the masonic divide; esoteric and exotericOPEN TO EAs and above. – 60 Minutes
Looking at the importance of each for a Freemason’s journey and what one needs to be wary of. In this paper, we will examine the exoteric and esoteric divide and the importance of an exoteric approach to Freemasonry. We will also look at the requisites for initiation, why and where are we failing, and what lessons do Hermeticists teach with their oral tradition.

Unveiling Hiram- OPEN TO Master Masons – 60 Minutes
This talk will take you to the physical site of Hiram’s Tomb near the city of Tyre in Lebanon where we enter the crypt that is under the tomb. We will examine the similarities between the masonic Hiramic myth and the facts uncovered through various historic sites in Lebanon. Through looking at the multitude of veils that have borrowed from actual truths to buttress the Hiramic myth, we will attempt to find a conclusion to the intended message.

Hermeticism & Freemasonry; the hidden mysteries of Nature & Science- OPEN TO Master Masons – 60 Minutes
Freemasonry is the Custodian of ancient Hermetic Wisdom which was the foundation of initiates of all ages that have extended from the school of Alexandria to Pythagoras. We will examine the underlying hermetic base in Freemasonry through the 7 principles and understand and their impact on our esoteric teachings.

The Secret to changing Public perception towards Freemasonry- OPEN TO EAs – 60 Minutes
This paper presents the case for achieving a transformation of freemasonry’s public image both internally and externally referring to actual events from a region ‘hostile’ to the idea of Freemasonry. The events that lead to a shift of Freemasonry’s image towards its own membership and to the public is presented by highlighting the challenges, the opportunities, the intelligence behind the tools, and the strategy with numbers supporting the end result. You will witness how this positioning has not only enhanced public perception but has empowered the membership to defend and promote the fraternity within their own circles.

How Scottish Freemasonry carried the torch of Masonic Light in Lebanon: 1861-present dayOPEN TO: ALL – 60 Minutes
From the early establishment of masonic lodges in the area known as ‘Syria the Great’ in 1747 to the establishment of the first Lodge in what is today as Lebanon in 1861, we examine the various events that shaped Scottish Freemasonry as it is today in Lebanon, the torch-bearer of masonic light. The journey will recount the challenges presented to Freemasonry’s presence in Lebanon and the region, the lessons learned, and how we continue to overcome threats, keeping the torch of masonic light shinning on Lebanon in its full splendor.

Druze: The secret guardians of Masonic Teachings – 60 Minutes
The ‘Druze’ have been credited by Masonic Historians as guardians of the key to spiritual enlightenment among the Orient communities which formed the source of Europe’s occult fraternities. They represent a secret ancient philosophy whose own membership are forbidden from learning its inner teachings. Brother Jarmakani, a seeker, Freemason, and a member of the Druze lineage by birth, will be sharing his findings that may shed some light on how some of the ancient mysteries influenced Freemasonry as we know it today.

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