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Nathan Schick


Nathan Schick is the author of “The Grand Communication: Freemasonry’s Alchemical Question for Divine Communion” (2023 – Tria Prima Press). He is a faculty member in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at Arizona State University. He has been a Freemason and active member of Glendale Lodge #23 since 2017. He is a Master Ritualist and Master Lecturer under the Grand Lodge of Arizona. He has been avidly homebrewing beer, cider, and wine for over a decade.

Prepared Topics:

The Apron, the Snake and the Garden of Eden – 60 Minutes
Background on the King James Bible in relation to the founding of speculative masonry and symbolism of serpent and apron with consideration from Case’s “Masonic Letter G”.

The A-TEAM: Ark, Arch, Archives and the Architect – 75 Minutes
-Etymological tracing of words relevant to Masons with an astronomical view of the Noachite story contrasting to the Ark of the Covenant

Moses, the Fire Bush and the Secret Name of God – 60 Minutes
-Background on the Pigpen cipher, Grand Communication of operative lodges from the Old Charges, and the symbolism of the Burning Bush and the Rod

Hiram, Hermes and Hermeticism – 60 Minutes
-Discusses views by Masonic authorities on Hermeticism as the primary influence for the Hiramic legend in Blue lodge masonry and sketches the basics of Hermeticism

Alchemical Quest and Masonic Alehouses – 75 Minutes
-Examines the context for the Hermetic science of alchemy in early speculative freemasonry in conjunction with the early Masonic practice of meeting in pubs, taverns, and alehouses

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