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Joscar Poerschke


Joscar Poerschke was born and raised in Miami Florida and began learning piano at the age of 5. Joscar was home schooled and had private instructors on classical piano, guitar, and voice. His background is music, acting, and the performing arts. Joscar Poerschke was raised in Hibiscus Lodge #275 to the sublime degree of Master Mason in August of 2011 and began composing Masonic Avant-garde in 2012. Joscar has traveled throughout the United States and Florida performing his Masonic music and giving his lecture. Joscar is a 32nd Degree Mason of the Scottish Rite Valley of Miami, Orient of Florida. In 2014 Joscar was selected by the Scottish Rite to perform his music for the “Celebrating the Craft” event at the House of the Temple in Washington D.C. Joscar became Worshipful Master of Hibiscus Lodge #275 for 2017. Joscar has released two albums digitally: “Masonic Avant-garde” and “From Darkness to Light”.

Prepared Topics:

What is Masonic Avant-garde?
“Masonic Avant-garde” was composed by Joscar Poerschke and is a Piano Concerto consisting of 10 movements specifically to be played in conjunction with the three Masonic Ritual Degrees and during a Masonic Lodge while open for labor.

From Darkness to Light
A 5 piece album and is the continuation of the original Masonic Avant-garde Piano Concerto containing the remaining 2 pieces that were subsequently composed for the Fellow Craft Degree and 3 remaining pieces that were composed for the Masonic Lodge Rituals.

Educational lectures and performances have been created to explain to Masons and non-Masons how these compositions were designed and how they fit into the Masonic Rituals and Ceremonies. These lectures and performances have been tailored as follows: Live In-Person: Open for both Masons and Non-Masons, Live In-Person: Master Masons Only, Live In-Person: Performance Only, No Lecture, Zoom Lecture and Performance Zoom Performance (No Lecture) If a lodge is planning to host a degree (EA,FC,MM) arrangements can be made with Joscar to be available to practice with the team prior to the degree so the Brothers can practice their parts and become familiar with the music.

Joscar would be available for the Degree so that the lodge and candidates can experience the Degree with music.

Travel Information: I am available to travel. For more information, please contact me directly.

Websites: – The Music

To book Joscar, contact him direct with the form below.