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Jeff Scott Bennett


Focus of Work:

Companion Bennett has a zeal for Masonic Symbolism and its interpretation.  His fascination on creating excitement for all things esoteric and ritualistic manifests in his fervor to provide education and engaging discussions about the symbols, degrees, and lessons that begin in the quarries of Ancient Craft Freemasonry and transcend the entire system of Rites.

Taking a deeper look into the Royal Arch Degree System to explore the back story, biblical history, and cultural undertones running below the level of the dramatic events occurring in each Degree.  Focusing on central characters, unique lessons, themes, and virtues, his presentation and discussion are designed to be of a interactive nature, curiosity stirring, and mentally challenging while at same entertaining.  Then immersive learning experience at its best.  Companion Bennett invites you to search for these ritualistic treasures that are more than what they appear to be on the surface.

Educational Works Creator

Author of Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas Short Talk Education Series in 2007

Author of Grand Council of Royal Select Masters of Texas Short Talk Education Series in 2008

2022 Chairman – Committee on Education Most Excellent Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas

2022& 2023 Chairman – Committee on Education-M.I. Grand Council Royal & Select Masters TX

2022 Grand Council Royal Select Masters of Texas Education Program (27 Cryptic Lessons)

2023 Grand Council Royal Select Masters of Texas Education Program – (27 Club Study Guide)

Magazine Article Contributions

Contributing Author to Knights Templar Magazine and Royal Arch Mason Magazine.  

Texas Page Editor – Grand Commandery of Texas 2010- 2023

Online/ In-Person Education Presenter 

March 2020 – Present : Local Royal Arch Chapters across Texas & USA

December 2020 – 11th Capitular District – Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ohio

March 2021 – Houston TX area Knight Masons Table 

November 2021 – General Grand Council Cryptic Masons IntL/Zabud – Friend of the King (YouTube)

September 2022-Arlington RAM Chapter No. 376 / Triple Tau & Triangle  

October 2022- Masonic Improvement Podcast /Exploring York Rite with Companion Jeff Bennett(YouTube)

July 2022- Hillsboro RAM Chapter No. 152 / Passwords of the Veils

April 2023 – Garland Scottish Rite Club / Interpretation Methodology for Symbolism & its Practice

May 2023 – George Washington RAM Chapter No. 422 / Passwords of the Veils 

May 2023 – Lawn Masonic Lodge No. 1230 Festive Board/

 Interpretation Methodology for Symbolism & its Practice

July 2023 – Great Lakes Masonic Education Symposium(Michigan)/

Royal Arch Banners & Passwords of Veils (Master Mason version) + Speakers Roundtable Forum

Masonic Membership:

Being raised a Master Mason in 1999 and serving as its Worshipful Master in 2006-2007 as member of Arlington Lodge No. 438 in Arlington, TX.  Since 2000, he is a proud & active member of Arlington York Bodies (Chapter 376/ Council 314 / Commandery 107) where he has served as Past High Priest/ Past Thrice Illustrious Master/ Past Commander. 

Knight Companion – Texas Priory No. 23 of Knight York Cross of Honor (KYCH).

 Past Sovereign Master -Robert Bruce Brannon AMD Council #270/Knight Commander Red Branch of Eri. 4th Grade / Councilor (Order of Scarlet Cord)

Trintiy York Rite College No. 154

 Also, Charter member of Frank G McDonald Knight Masons Council #97 in 2008

Saint Timothy Conclave No. 65 – Red Cross of Constantine

Thomas Becket Chapel No. 31, St. Thomas of AconHe was recently honored in 2020-2021 with an appointment by MEC Dan Smith from Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Ohio as District Education Officer.  

Constituent Chapter Membership

Arlington Chapter No. 376 R. A. M. / Arlington TX

Exalted (February 25, 2000)

High Priest (2005)

Festival Coordinator (2002-2008)

Regalia Master (2018-present)

Henderson Chapter No. 361 R. A. M. / Henderson TX 

Affiliated (2020)

Royal Arch Chapter of Education U.D.

High Priest (2022)

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas

Appointed offices:

Grand Representative to Argentina (2008 to Present)

R. E. District Deputy Grand High Priest District 27 (now District 20) -2007

E. Grand Junior Steward – 2008 (MEGHP Clarence J. Laney)

E. Grand Master 1st Veil – 2013 (MEGHP Tommy F. Chapman)

E. Grand Master 1st Veil – 2016 (MEGHP W. David Melear)

Planning Team member :

MEGHP Clarence J. Laney (2008)

MEGHP Doug Collins (2009)

MEGHP W. David Melear (2016)

MEGHP David Baskin (2020)

MEGHP F. Edwin “Skip” Smith (2022)

Committee Work:

Grand Officers Reports Committee (2020-present)-Member at large

Committee on Capitular Education (2022)-Chairman

2nd Annual East Texas Outdoor Degree Festival (2021 & 2022)-Stage Director


Order of High Priesthood (2005)

Esoteric Certificate (2007 to Present)

Author – Short Talk Educational Program for Grand Royal Arch Chapter (2008)

-12 Short Talk lessons written & designed to provide educational programs within local

Royal Arch Chapters of Texas at monthly stated meetings

Author – 2020 Grand Royal Arch Chapter Conference segment “Companion Feud”

-Trivia game designed to test the knowledge of Royal Arch Companions in ritual,

symbolism, and structure of Capitular Masonry in Texas

Author – Royal Arch Study Guide for Grand Royal Arch Chapter (2022)

-Comprehensive study resource for Royal Arch Companions of Texas in-depth study of the

Texas Royal Arch ritual and monitor

Lecturer- Royal Arch symbolism presentations provided for constituent chapters in multi-media

formats delivered both in-person and via Zoom meetings encouraging education in interpretation of symbolism, in-depth study, and increased insight into essence of each subject matter.

Prepared Topics:

Presentations available for in-person gatherings or via zoom/ PowerPoint driven presentations

Symbolism / Blue Lodge:

Interpretation Methodology for Symbolism and its Practice Version 1

 (1st section lecture / 2nd section cosmology of form of a Lodge / Practicum – guided 2 part group interactive interpretation) – 90 minutes

Interpretation Methodology for Symbolism and its Practice Version 2

 (1st section lecture / 2nd section  Practicum – guided 2 part group interactive interpretation) – 60 minutes

Cosmology of Form of a Lodge- 30 minutes

Rope / Cord Symbolism – 20 minutes

Royal Arch Chapter System :

Mallet & Chisel- Working Tools of Mark Master Mason Explained – 45 minutes



Tabernacle/Temple- 45 minutes

Triangle & Triple Tau – 45 minutes

Bible and Gavel in Virtual Past Master Degree – 30 minutes

Most Excellent Master Degrees – Mercy & Ark of the Covenant- 40 minutes

Sojourn as relates to 5 senses- 40 minutes

combined ZOOM version Four Royal Arch Banners Passwords of Veils – 50 minutes

Four Royal Arch Banners-30 minutes

Veils BPSW – 40 minutes

Passwords of Veils – 30 minutes

Master Mason version Four Royal Arch Banners Passwords of Veils- 30 minutes

Masters of the Veils & Signs of Moses – 45 minutes

2 part Symposium explaining entire Royal Arch Degree – GRACTX – 3 hours

How does Matthew 2 Magi tie in with story of Zerubbabel in Royal Arch Degree? -30 minutes

3 Sojourners & Principal Sojourner – 45 minutes

Holiness To The Lord – 45 minutes

Legend of Enoch – 30 minutes

Shadows of the Old Testament Patriarchs in Royal Arch degree- 45 minutes

RAM officers jewels-30 minutes

Royal & Select Masters Degrees: 

Lesson Nº1: Why Purple?- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº2: Cryptic- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº3: Council: the Appropriate Name for a Group of Royal and Select Masters- 9 mins

Lesson Nº4: Royal Masters Degree- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº5: Select Masters Degree – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº6: Alpha and Omega – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº7: Sword and Trowel- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº8: Vault – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº9: Ninth Arch – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº10: Cherubim – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº11: Ark of the Covenant – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº12: Phoenicians / Men of Tyre- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº13: Circle of Perfection- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº14: Numbers of 3, 9, & 27- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº15: Royal Master / Select Master degree setting- 9 minutes

Lesson 16 Hiram Abif- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº17: Adoniram – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº18: Ahashar- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº19: Zabud- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº20: Part 1 — Officer Jewels- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº20: Part 2- Installation Presiding Officers Charges

Lesson Nº20: Part 3 — Installation Other Officers Charges – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº21: Conductor of the Council – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº22: Captain of the Guard- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº23: Sentinel vs. Guard vs. Tiler- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº24: Prayers- 9 minutes

Lesson Nº25: Temple Vessels – 9 minutes

Lesson Nº26: A Brief History of Cryptic Masonry in the US and how it came to Texas.- 9 mins

Lesson Nº27: The Royal Master Degree: Symbols and Lessons- 9 minutes

Masonic Calendars- 9 minutes

Commandery of Knights Templar:

Order of Red Cross – 35 minutes

Order of Malta – 40 minutes

Order of Temple- 60 minutes

Melancholy mementos of morality- 25 minutes

Five points of fellowship and five libations of order of the temple – 40 minutes

Candles symbolism in Order of Temple -30 minutes

Cross of Golgotha-30 minutes

Priesthood of Christ in Order of Temple -30 minutes

Symbolism of Tabernacle worship in Order of Temple-30 minutes

Eques â Sapientia- Knight of Wisdom / Spurs of the Templar – 40 minutes

Patience and Perseverance compared between MM 3rd degree & Order of Temple-40 minutes

Allied Masonic Degrees:

AMD Degrees info overview & explanation of structure- 30 minutes

Royal Ark Mariner – 30 minutes

Architect Degree – 30 minutes

Grand Architect Degree – 30 minutes

Superintendent Degree – 30 minutes

Excellent Master compared to Royal Arch – 45 minutes

Knights of Constantinople – 25 minutes 

Order of Scarlet Cord Overview Grades 1-3 – 45 minutes

Order of Scarlet Cord Grade 1- 30 minutes 

Order of Scarlet Cord Grade 2- 30 minutes

Order of Scarlet Cord Grade 3- 30 minutes

Travel Information: International. No charge for presentations, however expectation for reasonable travel <flight / fuel money (if driving in USA)/ rental car if applicable / meals / event registration / and lodging expenses reimbursement.


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