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Damien Jack


Bro:. Damien Jack is a member of the following organizations: Paul Drayton  Lodge No.7 MWPHGL of NC, PM Excelsior Chapter No. 44, MEGCHRAMNCPHA, PEHP Hiram Abiff Council No. 3, PHGCRSMNC, PTIM Alpha Commandery No.1 Tarheel Grand Commandery KT, PEC Charlotte Consistory No. 35 – AASR, PCIC United Supreme Council SJ-PHA, 33° Rameses Temple No. 51 – AEAONMS Phylaxis Society – Actual Fellow Chi Rho Fraternity, Inc. in his day to do, Bro. Jack is a Psychiatric Technician for Atrium Behavioral Health.

Prepared Topics:

Not By Sight
Discusses how in the Middle Chamber it states Sight is the Noblest, and goes over the difference between physical and spiritual Sight – 45-60 Minutes

Sound of Music
Discuss the importance of music as learned in the Middle Chamber – 45-60 Minutes

Promotion of Friendship
Discuss how Masonry promotes Friendship and the various examples shown through ritual and various VSLs – 45-60 Minutes

Soul of a Man
Discusses how Masonry teaches working on the soul of a man in this life for the hope of immortality in the next t- 45-60 Minutes

The Mind of the Heart
Discuss how the heart is the seat of life and how our character derives from the heart – 45-60 Minutes

The Basis of Freemasonry
Discuss briefly the fifth Noble Science and gives a brief overview of Sacred Geometry – 45-60 Minutes

Down the Rabbit Hole – 45-60 Minutes
A brief overview of Esotericism 

The Uncomfortable Conversation – 45-60 Minutes
Discussion of how the MM degree prepares us for death 

Travel Information: Length of travel is not an issue as long as my travel and accommodations (flight and hotel) are covered.

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